Tips for Cross-chapter Visits

Tips for Cross-chapter Visits


--First, prior to your first visit, call the Chapter President or IRN Leadership Team member listed on the roster to check the specifics on meeting time and location and to let them know you will be attending.

--Second, check to see if your category is represented in that Chapter.  If it is NOT represented, you can give your 30 second commercial at the meeting.  If it IS represented, you should NOT give your 30-second commercial and instead, talk about your chapter and any upcoming special events.  Note: some Chapters permit you to rotate on the speaker's list and give your 20-minute presentation, some Chapters do not.


--Third, the whole purpose of visiting is to establish relationships to give & receive referrals and to promote any events at your chapter.  When giving & receiving referrals all members should use the cross-chapter referral forms or indicate 'cross-chapter' on the standard form.

--Lastly, check with a Chapter officer to find out if there is a meal fee for the meeting and make sure to pay that fee to the Chapter Treasurer.


Always remember, you are a guest, not a member, of the Chapter.

Have fun and enjoy this valuable and exclusive IRN member benefit!