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Doug Bracken
804 Stone Crossing St. NE
Canton, OH 44721
Industry/Category: Air Purification
Member since: December 2016

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Medical, Personal and Industrial Air Purifier Filter Systems, Oxygen Generators, Ozone Generators:

Medical grade HEPA, carbon, and negative air filter systems for critical particle control, medical infection control units, TB, H1N1 virus isolation rooms, hospitals, cleanrooms, construction renovation, and personal use. High performance air purifiers for allergies, asthma, VOCs, MCS and ODORS. Oxygen generators for ozone systems, oxygen bars and industrial uses. Ozone Generators for remediation; fire, flood, ODOR, MOLD, protein decomposition, VOC, virus, and bacterial sterilization.

Mobile - 330-268-8007.


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Mobile: 330-268-8007
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